Wine Cellar

Our wine list is the proud result of close to 100 years of passion for the fruit of the vine. Our cellar is made up of over 1,300 selections with an inventory of some 15,000 bottles. The list focuses on the numerous different styles of wine coming from every region in Italy, yet it is also an international list, with representation from wines all over the world. Given our distinction as Chicago’s oldest Italian restaurant and the first importer of some very storied Italian wines, what makes our list exceptionally unique is the focus placed on classic vintages and deep verticals. Our cellar and list are physical representations of our longstanding commitment to you, the guest, and your proper dining enjoyment. And, of course, all of our wines are cellared properly at a constant temperature of 57 degrees at 70 percent humidity and monitored daily by our Wine Director, Jared Gelband.

Our list earned the “Grand Award” from Wine Spectator from 1984 – 2004, an award given to roughly the top 100 wine lists in the world. And every year since 2004 – after the Wine Spectator awards shifted to focus more on international representation – we have maintained the second tier “Best of Award of Excellence” awarded to approximately 1,500 wine lists globally.

Italian Village Wine Cellar
Italian Village Award-Winning Wine Collection
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Italian Village Chicago - Wine Cellar
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